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Big Sis Pranks Cute Brothers by Waking Them Up to Get Ready for School… at Night!



Cute Brothers Woke Up from Nap and Got Ready for School at Night, Realised It's a Prank by Their Sister - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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Are you even siblings if you’ve never pranked each other?!

Amanina Azahar, a cheeky big sister, pranked her two younger brothers recently. And the videos swept across Twitterjaya by storm, showing the entirety of her devious plan to successfully make her brothers prepare for school even though it was night time.

The brothers had been taking a nap since evening until it was dark out. That’s when sly Amanina hurriedly woke her brothers up by yelling at them.

“Hurry up! Go shower and get ready for school! Look, it’s already 7 o’clock! Get up and go shower!”

The duo woke up feeling disoriented but followed their sister’s instructions anyway. Believing what Amanina had told them, they dressed up in their school uniforms, not knowing that their sister was filming the whole time.

Source: Twitter

“Do you know what time it is?”

The adorable boys answered her “It’s 7”.

The brothers began packing their bags according to the timetable for that day while their sister pestered them for slow and late. Typical elder sis mode.

Source: Twitter

After packing their bags, one of them could be seen wearing his shoes, while the other boy was all prepared, waiting for his brother.

Source: Twitter

As both of them got ready and marched out of their house, Amanina could no longer hold her laughter let out a loud guffaw. That’s when her brothers realised that it was actually night time all along, and they were pranked by their mischievous sister.

Source: Twitter

What an adorable and harmless prank! After entertaining her followers, Amanina concluded her Instagram story by warning everyone not to take naps in the evening.

We bet some of you must’ve tried this prank on your siblings before. Share your fun experience with us in the comments!

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