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Body Temperature Should Only Be Taken From Foreheads & Should Be From 36-37.5 Degrees Celsius



Source: WOB

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Part of the new normal nowadays is getting your temperatures checked before entering any premises as an integral step to identify anyone with Covid-19.

However, if you have noticed, temperature checks aren’t being done accurately as temperatures sometimes even show up as low as 33.5 or even 31.5 degree Celsius!

Public Health Malaysia announced today that normal temperatures must only be in the range of 36.0-37.5 degree Celsius only.

Termometer jenis tidak bersentuh banyak digunakan kini kerana ia mudah, lebih bersih dan mengukur suhu dengan tepat….

Posted by Public Health Malaysia on Rabu, 29 Julai 2020

Most thermometers being used now are the no-contact type as it’s easier, more hygienic and is able to accurately record temperatures. This thermometer MUST only be used to record the temperature from the forehead i.e. the temporal artery temperature.

If the person in-charge is recording the temperature from other parts of your body such as your palm, chest or even your soles, it is not accurate and individuals with Covid-19 symptoms might not be detected.

When you feel your temperature isn’t checked properly, you have the right to ask for it to be checked again as it is your health that is at risk. Remember, there’s no point of temperature checks if it isn’t done correctly and with the proper equipment.

With an increasing number of cases and clusters, our health is of utmost importance and we should remember that the war against Covid-19 can only be won if we all work together!


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