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Bogus Doctor Gets Exposed After One Year of Loitering in Kedah Hospital



Bogus Doctor With a Stethoscope Loiters in M'sian Hospital For 1 Year Before Being Exposed - World Of Buzz
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Attention Malaysian government, if you’re looking for someone to spy on other countries, this is the guy who may get the job done!

That’s because this man in his 30s is anything but a doctor yet he claimed to be Dr Ridzuan and has been making his rounds at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar, Kedah for a full year before he was exposed.

According to The Star, the bogus doctor managed to deceive the hospital staff for 12 months because he dressed up exactly like a doctor. He’d show up smartly-dressed while wearing a tie.

To look even more convincing, he had a stethoscope hanging around his neck while walking around the hospital. Usually, he would be seen making appearances around the Emergency Unit or the Specialist Clinic.

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Some staff even saw ‘Dr Ridzuan’ scolding the janitors for not carrying out their tasks properly, and the cleaners didn’t notice anything amiss. Now that he’s been exposed, the janitors must be pretty pissed!

Well, this impersonator’s luck ran out on Monday when a senior doctor at the hospital smelt something fishy and decided to burst his bubble. So he checked the hospital’s record and found that there was no such ‘Dr Ridzuan’ working in the hospital.

An anonymous staff also revealed that ‘Dr Ridzuan’ was detained by security guards at 9am and handed over to the doctor on duty for further action.

“He was later released. Everybody here thought he was a doctor attached to one of the departments. Since a year ago, he had introduced himself as Dr Ridzuan when met at the hospital,” the worker said.

“We would usually see him once a week loitering around the Emergency Unit, Specialist Clinic and at the lobby. About two months ago, a senior doctor became suspicious of him, saying he could be an impersonator,” he added.

The staff also said that ‘Dr Ridzuan’ would not visit any patients during his ’rounds’. Then basically what he did was just walking around aimlessly, right?

Deputy Kota Setar OCPD Supt Yazri Ismail had confirmed the incident but said that they have yet to receive any police report regarding the incident.

This rather amusing case quickly garnered netizens’ attention after it went viral on social media. “Well at least he didn’t dispense any medicine or perform surgery right? My guess is that he’s a bit cuckoo,” a netizen said.

Another concerned netizen commented, “Seriously, for a year? Clearly the security guards were sleeping and the admin didn’t give a damn. Everyone was basically minding their own business.”

The hospital should tighten the security and run a headcount asap because who knows, ‘Dr Ridzuan’ might not be the only bogus doctor in the hospital, right?


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