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Boss Gives 2 Properties a Year To Poor Employees So They Can Have a Home



This Boss Provides 2 Properties a Year To Employees Who Require Assistance - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: SinChew & Atap.Co

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When we choose between employment offers, we firstly look at the salary that’s being presented, and then the benefits the company provides in their efforts to retain and show appreciation to their employees.

Some companies though, go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of their staff.

For instance, the Anyu Industry Co Ltd from Guangdong, China, which manufactures power tools, gives away 2 properties, costing up to RM 1.117 million each, to employees who experience financial and domestic difficulties on a yearly basis.

As according to Sin Chew, the Chairman of the company, Zhongming Yu explained that the houses are part of their ‘ten-year employee assistance’ plan.

Source: SinChew

“The plan is to provide assistance for some employees in the company who have difficulties within their families, such as caring for children and elderly people at home. The company will give you a house, arrange with the government for your children to go to school. Your wife can work in the company. If the elderly enjoy gardening, they can go to our company’s farm, to plant fruit trees, raise poultry,” he said.

These efforts are to assist struggling employees in providing a livelihood for their families instead of piling on multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“I just want my employees to have a family. Who wants to drift and drift away (from their families), right?” he added.

Source: Freepik

The initiative began in 2015, to which he has provided 2 employees with housing each year since, though in the previous years, he provided employees with lump sums of money to buy properties. This time around, he already purchased properties in which 2 employees are already in the process of receiving as the certificate of ownership name change is currently in progress.

He insists that the company is not a rich one and that running it is not easy, for they’ve had to apply for a bank loan just months before. Hence, in such a situation, why does the Anyu Industry Co Ltd donate properties to their employees?

“The company’s corporate culture is that we’re not a simple factory, but a big family, with employees as brothers and sisters. When you have problems within your family, you must give a helping hand,” he ended.

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