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Boyfriend Threatens to Gouge Girlfriend’s Eyes Out Because She Liked Someone’s Post on Facebook



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Being jealous in a relationship is really common and is considered a normal thing. But not in this case.

A man from the United Kingdom had been apprehended for his attempt to gouge out his girlfriend’s eyes. The reason? She liked someone else’s post on Facebook.

Source: Unilad

Danny Bridges, a 35-year-old from Kent, attacked his girlfriend at the end of last year because of the absurd reason. The victim was punched and strangled. Afterward, her eyes were attempted to be gouged out by the boyfriend’s thumbs. EEEKKK!

To avoid his deeds being known, the boyfriend, also a bodybuilder, trapped the girlfriend in his flat between 31 October until 2 November last year.

The victim, fortunately, was managed to be saved after three days by calling her friend for help.

Source: Unilad

“He screamed and yelled at me for liking other people’s Facebook post,” she said.

“He opened my eyes and inserted his thumbs in it. It hurt so much that I thought my eyes were going to pop altogether.”

In the judging of the case at Canterbury Crown, Danny who worked as a labourer was sentenced nine years in prison after being found guilty.


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