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British Mum Gives Birth After Years of Trying But Kills Her Baby at 7 Months Old



British Mother Finally Gives Birth To A Baby Girl After Years of Trying, Kills Her at 7 Months Old - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Sin Chew Daily

Babies are the most innocent creatures in the world, and they deserve the best things in life.

This 7-month-old baby girl, however, didn’t even get to experience life because her mother killed her.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the 33-year-old British mother, Shalina Padmanabha, went through a tough time trying to conceive for the past several years, until she succeeded on February 2016, with the help of the In-Vitro Fertilisation method.

But just months after being born, the poor baby suffered from fatal head injuries, fractured ribs, as well as bleeding behind the eyes. Padmanabha had lied to the Inner London Crown Court that she didn’t know what caused the injuries, as reported on Metro.

After investigations had been done, old and new injuries were found on the baby’s skull. And it was reported that the injuries were caused either by her mum bashing her head against a hard surface, or her mother hitting her. The cruel mum was suspected of shaking the baby violently, squeezing her by the ribs, as well as pulling and twisting her left leg.

British Mother Beats 7-Month-Old Daughter to Death, - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Apparently, the baby was born prematurely with medical issues, and she spent her first four and a half months in the hospital. And the injuries inflicted by her mum were dated as far back as three months, which means she had been abused right after she was discharged from the hospital.

The mother was sentenced to six years of jail.

Saddened by the loss of his child, the father grieved thinking about the moments his daughter could’ve experienced.

“I’ll no longer be able to witness my daughter grow up and go to school.”

It was unbelievable that a baby that had been anticipated was killed by her own mother. We don’t know if she was suffering mentally (something like postpartum depression, which is something we all should be aware of), but this tragic incident could’ve been avoided. RIP, little girl.

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British Mother Finally Gives Birth To A Baby Girl After Years of Trying, Kills Her at 7 Months Old - WORLD OF BUZZ