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Brown Sugar Boba Milk Now Comes in the Form of an Ice Cream and It’s Already Sold Out!



There's A New Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Ice Cream Bar & We Don't Know What To Think - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Do y’all recall the time we wrote about the Boba Ice Cream bar? Yep, netizens seemed to quite like the odd flavour and texture when the Boba Ice Cream bar was first released. Now, netizens with a palate for adventure have got a new flavour boba ice cream bar to try! 

Hailing all the way from Taiwan, the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ice cream bar is now being sold online. According to EatBook, the texture of the ice cream is quite “creamy and velvety” with the added chewiness of the boba. It sure does sound very tasty, but we bet that it will also be very sweet! 

Source: Facebook

If you would like to give this new ice cream bar a shot, we’re sorry to burst your bubble because this special ice cream bar is only available in Singapore. Aiya! 

However, if you’ve got an acquaintance in Singapore or if you plan to go there anytime soon, you can get your hands on the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ice cream bar via Happy Ice Pte Ltd’s website.

Source: Facebook

But, do keep in mind that you can only place an order for 20 ice cream boxes and that includes their other ice cream options like Green Mango & Lime and Red Bean Jelly. Cool beans, you can bring back some for your fam and buddies! 

Do note that one box of Brown Sugar Pearl Milk has four pieces of ice cream bars in it and it costs SGD7.90 (RM23.80) per box. Having said that, a new update from Happy Ice Pte Ltd proved that the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ice cream is actually a hit because it has already sold out.

Source: Facebook

Following that, they promised that the next shipment will arrive by the end of 19th August 2019. Sadly, you can’t even pre-order the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ice cream bars now because it has already sold out, again, on pre-order. Dang, looks like you’ll have to wait for the next pre-order exercise to get your hands on the ice cream. 

Are you willing to try the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ice cream bar? Let us know in the comments below! 


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