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Brutal Robber Snatches Phone From 15yo Cheras Girl and Hits Her Head Multiple Times



Brutal Robber Snatches Phone From 15yo Cheras Girl and Hits Her Head Multiple Times - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press

We’re always told to be careful when we’re out and about, and even when robberies occur, most of us are taught to let go of our belongings and avoid harming ourselves.

A 15-year-old girl from Cheras was robbed in the morning of 12th October, where a man not only snatched her mobile phone, but also assaulted her by hitting her as well as pushing her to the ground.

A witness captured a video while the incident occurred at around 9:05 am that morning:

From the video, the robber grabbed the victim’s shirt from behind while he attempted to snatch her phone. However, it seemed like she was trying to prevent her phone from being taken, so she held onto her belonging as she crouched her body.

The robber did not back down and he began slapping the back of her head multiple times until the victim screamed. The slapping can even be heard from the video, and that’s freaking brutal of the robber. We hope the witness who took this video helped this girl.

According to China Press, the victim was jogging around Taman Midah, Cheras, while she hung her phone around her neck. Because the robber yanked her phone, she fell down onto the ground. This incident caused injuries on her palms and knees as well.

The police had also received a report regarding this robbery case, and they successfully arrested the suspect at 11:30 pm on 16th October. The suspect was found to be a jobless 20-year-old man, and he has been involved in multiple robberies and drug cases back in 2016. A urine analysis also showed that the suspect is a drug addict.

We hope justice will be served and the poor girl will be able to heal from this terrifying incident. We’re glad that she’s safe, other than suffering several physical injuries. It must’ve been traumatising for her! ?


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