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Budget 2018: PTPTN Borrowers Get 20% Discount If Fully Settle the Loan



Prime Minister: PTPTN Borrowers To Get 20% Discount If Fully Settle the Loan - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: NST

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For days, our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak has been teasing the rakyat that good news shall be unveiled during the Budget 2018, and it’s true guys!

Just today, our beloved PM announced that a 20% discount will be given to those who fully settle their National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan!

Understandably, not everyone can fork out that kind of money, which was why those who can pay back even just 50% of the loan can enjoy a 10% discount too! Woohoo! 

Unsure how to repay back your loans? Don’t worry, we got your back 😉 It’s super easy too!

  1. Go to any PTPTN branch (find out where here)
  2. Fill in the form provided
  3. Choose your method of repayment (You can choose to pay through debit/credit card, or  even through a cut in your monthly salary)


It’s that easy!

These discounts were given to encourage the repayments of PTPTN loans since a lot of youngsters got blacklisted after failing to repay.

“In the PTPTN chapter, I hope everyone understands that debts are debts, and (it) must be paid.

“I hope this is not politicised and that the debtors pay back what they owe because the next generation will also need the loans, just as you have,” Najib said. 

Besides, the grace period given for students to start repaying loans upon completion of studies has been extended from the current six months to 12 months.

This would give our fresh graduates ample time to look for employments and one less thing to worry about.

Source: iHR Net

To those who wish to further their studies, for instance from diploma to degree, they only need to start repaying both loans after the completion of their degrees.

Netizens especially varsity students and fresh graduates were thrilled to hear this announcement. Some of them even mention that they may borrow money from their parents to fully settle the PTPTN loans in order to enjoy the 20% discount.

So guys, if you can afford to settle it in one shot, why not go for it and save yourself a few thousand ringgit? 

Also don’t forget, what’s borrowed must always be returned!


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