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Can’t Find A Job? JobStore’s Survey Reveals The Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs After MCO



Source: UTS Services & The Lorry.com & Malay Mail

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It’s no secret that many Malaysians have been laid off or suffered from pay cuts throughout the MCO. But that doesn’t mean that industries aren’t hiring. In fact, JobStore’s survey, which gathered the responses of nearly 7,000 individuals from 19 industries revealed that 76% of these companies are actually keen on hiring new employees. But what kind of industries are these and how do they plan to hire? Here’s what JobStore’s survey discovered:

1. 76% of responding organisations are considering hiring within 6 months by post-MCO 

Percentage (%) of companies looking to hire within 6 months after the MCO.

That’s an encouraging percentile! Smaller companies with a lesser number of employees are more likely to take in employees during this precarious season as compared to bigger companies. This means that companies with 75 to 200 employees are more likely to hire as compared to companies with over 1,000 employees.

2. Companies hiring Malaysians want to employ those in Executive job positions

Executives are the most highly sought after job position by companies looking to hire post-MCO

As compared to every other job position, 62% of these companies are looking to hire Malaysians for Executive job positions, followed by non-executives (38%), managerial-level positions (32%) and top management roles (11%).

3. Top 10 Most in-demand jobs after MCO 

Jobs that are currently in high demand.

The Top 10 jobs that are most highly demanded after the MCO are:

  • Sales and Marketing Executives (95%)
  • Lorry Drivers (75%)
  • Customer Service (78%)
  • E-commerce Executives (73%)
  • Software Engineers (58%)
  • Recruiters (58%)
  • Nurses (53%)
  • Social Media Executives (41%)
  • Business Analysts (32%)
  • Human Resources (19%)

Lorry drivers are high in demand because companies need logistical transportation.

Sales and Marketing executives are in the highest slot as sales positions are always high in demand. What’s surprising here is how lorry drivers are also in the top three highly sought after positions! This was reasoned with the fact that logistic companies require them to transport products now more than ever due to the rising demand from consumers. As for Customer service executives, companies say more employees are needed in this position to build better customer relationships post-MCO.

4. Top 5 most active industries looking to hire after MCO

If you meet the qualifications to enter any of these industries, you’re in luck! JobStore’s survey found that of all companies who responded, Headhunting and Recruitment is the most active industry that will continue hiring after the MCO with a whopping 95% of them responding positively to the survey. This is followed by Logistics and Transportation (88%), E-Commerce and online shopping (80%), Software and IT industry (73%) and Healthcare, medical and hospitals (51%).

Top industries that are hiring after MCO.

5. 86% of responding companies are not considering retrenchment plans, but will implement the pay-cut policy 

Pay cut policies were voted as the most feasible cost-cutting option.

While a large majority of these companies aren’t considering retrenchment, they are looking at pay cuts as the most feasible option to cut costs after the MCO. Pay cuts are ranked as the most popular cost-cutting strategy (95%), followed by the removal of non-contractual allowances and benefits (81%), reducing permanent staff but increasing contract workers (56%), instituting unpaid leave (45%) and freezing headcount (42%).

6. Companies will cut the salaries of top management staff first before implementing pay cuts for lower-level staff 

Top-level management will be the first to have their salaries cut.

Looks like the bosses are the ones to take the axe on their pay checks first! Based on the data collected by JobStore, Top management staff are likely to be the first of their companies to receive pay cuts at 30%, followed by managerial-level staff (26%), executives (15%) and non-executives (10%).

Was this survey informative for you? Which finding shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments! 


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Source: JobStore
Source: JobStore
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Source: JobStore
Source: JobStore

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