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Car Speeding at 104km/h Flies Off Flyover & Crashes To The Road Below, Kills 1 and Injures 6



Over-speeding Car Flies Off Flyover & Crashes To The Ground, Kills 1 and Injures 6 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

There’s a reason why you’re constantly told not to speed, especially on roads with bends and sharp turns.

One woman in Hyderabad, India, risked her life and her daughter’s life by going at 104km/h instead of the set 40km/h on the Biodiversity flyover when she lost control of her car and it fell from the flyover, as according to Scroll.

The incident, which was caught on video as shared by DSSR (@SanjeevanSS), showcased the car flying off the bend of the flyover and crashing to the ground, killing one woman and injuring 6 others. The driver survived the crash while her daughter escaped with minor injuries. 2 other cars were damaged as well.

DSSR wrote, “Flying car..”

He also released a part 2 of the video in which the shadow of the car can be seen on the road below before it crashed to the ground.

“On preliminary investigation, it was found that the accident happened due to the car OVERSPEEDING at 104 km/h instead of the prescribed 40 km/h on the flyover,” said the statement put out by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad stated.

DSSR’s posting has since garnered over 1,300 retweets.

Hence, always remember kids, speeding kills. And even if it doesn’t kill you, it may kill others because of you.


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