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Cat Torn To Pieces Outside House In Ipoh, Cat Owners Reminded To Beware Of Wild & Stray Animals



Source: Malaysia Animal Association & Siberian Times (For Illustration Purposes Only)

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Graphic content ahead. Viewer discretion is advised. 

As a pet owner, feeding and giving your pet shelter and warmth is essential, but there are other (sometimes) unexpected aspects of protection that a pet owner should look out for.

For instance, pet owners need to ensure that their pets are safe from other animals, especially considering some strays and wild animals such as civets can get aggressive when they feel threatened or if another animal enters their territory.

The Malaysia Animal Association took to their Facebook page to showcase a poor little cat that was completely torn apart by other animals in Ipoh, Perak.

They wrote, “Malaysia Animal Association received a report and this picture of a cat that was torn apart outside a house. The incident is said to have happened in Ipoh, Perak. According to the report, the cat was tortured. But, based on observation, the environment and the physical state of the cat’s body, there is a huge possibility that it was a wild animal attack such as by a large group of dogs.”

They also took the time to explain that the marks left on the poor cat’s body could definitely be animal-made and not human.

“The body is severely torn through bite marks and pulling from two or more animals,” they shared, as marks made by humans with hoes, machetes and other sharp objects would come out cleaner and more precise.

Pet owners of especially cats, should always keep an eye on their cats when they’re outside the house to prevent situations like this from happening again.

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