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Jealous Cat Goes Super Viral For How It Looks at Its Owner Playing With New Kitten



Cat's Look of Utter Jealousy As Owner Plays With New Kitten is The Most Relatable Thing Ever - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

If us humans normally would prefer having the attention of our parents all to ourselves, then it’s safe to assume that our four-legged furry counterparts would feel the same.

Our pet cats and dogs have always been known to be jealous of new furry siblings in the household and would normally show it through barking, growling, hissing and scratching.

But for one British Shorthair kitty cat, its look of utter jealousy as its owner played with an adorable new kitten has officially become the most relatable thing on the internet as shared by Meriel (@MerielMyers) on her Twitter account.

Meriel wrote, “The look of utter betrayal.”

And she couldn’t have been more spot on!

The grey cat didn’t just stop there. It also then stared that the new little tabby kitten like it was plotting its disappearance.

If looks could kill, the new kitten wouldn’t stand a chance. I won’t be surprised when the missing posters go up in search of the poor new tabby kitten.

But then again, who knows, it probably still has some of its 9 lives left and may come back for revenge because, well, that’s just what cats do.

Meriel’s posting has since garnered over 59,900 retweets.

Which kitty are you rooting for?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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