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China’s UNIQLO Bans Adults From Trying Children’s Clothes After Fashion Trend Goes Viral



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Children’s clothing from UNIQLO has become a popular trend among women in China recently after fashion influencers on Chinese social media platforms revealed that they’ve been wearing children’s clothing. Photos and videos of these influencers in small and undersized clothing have lured netizens to follow suit.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the reason behind this trend is the aim to imitate the style of Brandy Melville, an Italian clothing brand.

Brandy Melville has caused some controversy for its “one size fits all” policy, with many customers expressing distaste for their non-inclusive clothing items. However, instead of creating more (larger) sizes, Brandy Melville is notoriously known for offering clothing in just one size, according to Today.

With clothes only available in sizes XS or S, many young girls are being fed the idea that only by being skinny can they be beautiful. As a result of this, women in China have resorted to buying children’s clothes from UNIQLO as they’re tighter and more revealing.

Brandy Melville clothing

The trend has become so popular that apparently, UNIQLO in China’s mainland has banned adults from trying on children’s clothing.

Chinese media visited five different UNIQLO stores in Beijing and tried to take children’s clothes into the fitting room as an experiment. But only one store had dissuaded them from doing so.

The staff in charge said that a few adults had tried on children’s clothes which caused the clothes to become deformed and out of shape. Some clothes even had makeup stains left on them from adults trying to squeeze into the tiny clothes.

Clothes that are no longer in their original form will need to be paid for at a special price, the staff said.

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According to Guang Ming Daily, some netizens have expressed that they do not advocate the practice of adults trying on children’s clothes. Although there are some adults who do buy children’s clothes due to factors such as height, there are many who deliberately try to fit into small-sized clothing to highlight the shape of their bodies.

Remember girls and boys, the size or shape of your body does not determine your self-worth. You are beautiful no matter what! 


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