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Chinese Court Designs This ‘Divorce Test’ With Subjective And Essay Questions To Change Couples’ Minds



Chinese Court Designs This 'Divorce Test' Including Subjective And Essay Questions To Change Couple's Mind - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Business Insider / Sina

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Filling for a divorce is often the last resort for couples who can’t seem to resolve the conflict between them, be it something serious or just from falling out of love with each other. Regardless, the children are often the victims in such a situation and authorities in China are trying their best to reduce the rate of divorce, considering that 1.85 million couples filed for a divorce last year alone.

As such, a court in Hubei province has designed a ‘test’ which gives a last chance to the couple to re-evaluate their relationship. According to the spokesperson from the court, the judge will use the score from the test as a reference to see if the couple can survive the marriage crisis. However, they can choose not to take the test if they’ve made up their mind.

Here’s the full test paper as reported by Sina.

Section A: 40 marks.

  1. The child/children’s birthday is/are on ___.
  2. The child/children’s favourite snack is ___.
  3. Your partner’s birthday is on ___.
  4. The child/children’s favourite food is ___.
  5. Your anniversary is on ___.
  6. The last time you and your partner communicated was on ___.
  7. Did your partner’s family and relatives interfere with your marriage? ___
  8. How many family trips have you done before? ___
  9. How long did you date your partner before getting married? ___
  10. How are the house chores divided among you and your partner? ___

Section B: 40 marks

  1. What’s the most memorable event you’ve done with your spouse?
  2. What’s the biggest conflict between you and your partner right now?
  3. What have you done for the family? What went well and wrong?
  4. What did your partner do for the family? How did it go?

Section C: 20 marks

What do you think about your marriage and family? Write down the reason why you filed for a divorce and your plans after this.

Chinese Court Designs 'Divorce Test' For Couples To See If They Can Save Their Marriage Or Not - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Sina

So far, this test is reportedly yet to change any couples’ minds.

After this news went viral online, netizens had mixed feelings about the introduction of this test. Some reckoned that it could prevent hot-headed couples from dissolving their marriage too hastily while others thought the test interferes with the personal lives and decisions of the couples.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comment section! 


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