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Chinese Lady Asking Malay Neighbour’s Permission Shows How Harmonious Living Should Be



Considerate Lady Asks Permission From Neighbour Before Burning Incense, - World Of Buzz 1

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Living in multiracial countries like Malaysia and Singapore would mean tolerance, patience and respect are keys to a harmonious environment.

Both Shahrizal Salleh and his neighbour from Singapore encompassed those values, proving to us what harmony truly is.

Shahrizal wrote on his Facebook,

“I am blessed to have the best and amazing neighbour ever!”

“Yesterday she asked for my permission: “Eh Ah Bob ah!!! Malam ini gua mau sembahyang lu tau? Gua letak balang-balang depan lumah gua. Gua mau bakar balang. Boleh ah?”

(Translation: “Bob, tonight I need to do my prayers. I’m placing an altar infront of my house and will be burning incense. Can ah?”)

“She definitely do not need to inform me yet alone ask for my permission to do that but yet she did. I love you lah aunty!!!!”

“Should I have said ‘cannot’, I’ll be the biggest [email protected] in Pasir Ris. But by now you all already know that yours truly is a lover, not a fighter right?”

Shahrizal even quoted a wonderful verse from the Hadith.

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘If anyone is pleased to love God and His Messenger or to have God and His Messenger love him, he should speak the truth when he says anything, fulfill his trust when he is put in a position of authority and be a good neighbor.’ – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1289”

“Be good to your neighbours, to everyone and anyone. No matter if they are good to you or not. We need to be the ‘bigger’ person and show kindness and compassion.”

“Love begets love. Respect begets respect. Hate begets hate. One Love.

Shahrizal’s story was so heartwarming that many netizens left stories about their wonderful neighbours who were as considerate as this auntie too.

This goes to show how being mindful of the people around us is always good. The next time you’re about to do some sort of celebration or prayers, be sure to inform or ask your neighbours first! 🙂

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