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Chinese Man Accidentally Cuts Finger, Gets Parasite that Travelled to His Brain



Chinese Man Cuts His Finger, Parasite Travels Through the Wound To Brain - World Of Buzz

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Recently, a man from Hunan, China had undergone an operation to retrieve a parasite that was wiggling inside his brain!

For the past 2 years, Lee who led a healthy lifestyle has been troubled by severe headache and epilepsy.

After going through some check ups, the doctors confirmed that there was indeed a foreign object inside his head but they just couldn’t figure it out what was it, Kwong Wah reported.

So, Lee was prescribed with some medicines to control his headache but it didn’t help much. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he went to a hospital to seek help from other doctors.

Based on his condition, scanning results and the doctor’s experience, it was believed that the foreign object inside Lee’s head was a parasite.

It was then only he recalled the incident that might have led to this point.

Apparently 2 years ago, Lee was prepping a frog to be cooked when he accidentally cut his finger.

“Maybe that was how the parasite got into my body, through the wound. No wonder my finger felt extremely itchy for the next few days. The thought of parasite never come cross my mind,” Lee said.

Comparing the scanning results from 6 months ago with the latest one, the doctors believed that the parasite was alive all this time and have burrowed 2.5cm deeper into Lee’s brain.

Luckily, the parasite did not burrow into the critical region of the brain. But a surgery had to be done as soon as possible to prevent the parasite from moving into other parts of the brain.

So on Thursday, Lee went under the knife. After 2 hours into the brain surgery, the surgeons successfully located the parasite and ‘captured’ it alive.

Source: Kwong Wah

The white colour parasite was measured at a whooping 11cm!

Source: Kwong Wah

Although the parasite and the damaged brain tissue had been removed, the doctors told him that it is impossible for the damaged part of the brain to grow back.

But on the bright side, there’s been a significant improvement in Lee’s headache and epilepsy. He is now on his way to recovery after the surgery.


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