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Coffee Shop Owner’s Profits Double After She Hired These Baristas



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A coffee shop owner saw her revenue increasing two folds after she hired topless baristas. I wonder why?

Apparently it’s a growing trend in the US which is slowly creeping up the nation. A restaurant guide named Zagat highlights the growing trend of drive-thru coffee stands worked by topless and bikini-clad baristas — both women and men — in Spokane, Washington.

The topless baristas would wear nothing but tape or nipple pasties over their, well, nipples to cover them. Other than that, most of it is pretty bare to see!

“We are selling coffee,” barista Kiersten Silva mentions in an old interview. “Just coffee with a pretty smile, maybe, and some boobie action sometimes.”

Similarly in Malaysia, the cafe scene has been a competitive industry to be in. Coffee places usually sought the best coffee, desserts and instagram worthy atmospheres to appeal to customers.

In 2013, a study shows men aged between 18 and 54 spent almost $7 billion (RM30.7 billion) on coffee in the US. According to Sarah Birnel, who owns three Spokane bikini barista stands, she mentions that adding half-naked women to the mix means a “huge difference” to the bottom line and keeping business afloat.


Let’s be honest here, you readers were not really paying attention to the content of this video. 

Although there has been controversies about the concept, so far, efforts for petition and rally to ban the topless baristas have failed.

Coffee store owner Sarah adds, “It makes way more money, definitely, I would say close to 100 percent more.”

Sorry boys and girls, don’t think we’ll ever experience something like this here. You know what will happen if Malaysia followed this trend.

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