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This Office is Using Coloured Wristbands To Show How Comfortable They Are With Social Interaction



Source: LinkedIn / ISO

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to new ways of working. As offices begin to open up, for most of us it is back to our bullpen-style offices, cramped meeting rooms and what we all fear most workplaces becoming a breeding ground for new infections.

Keeping in mind of the risks involved when getting back to work, employees around the world have shared ideas on the best practices, they feel is necessary to help minimise the contact employees have with one another.

Taking to LinkedIn, Laura Weisman suggested an ingenious way of labelling employees based on their interaction level of comfort.

Understanding her point of view, that interaction is what people would crave most when getting back to work she sought to help ease the tension by using green, yellow and red bands to specify whether they are okay with hugs and high fives or are those simply wanting to keep their distance.

“As organisations start bringing back employees into the physical workplace, they will need to understand everyone’s comfort level.”

“Some may not be comfortable discussing why they feel a certain way about COVID-19, but this idea could serve as a great visual indicator of how an employee wants to interact with others.”

Still very much at the experimental stage, at least the idea behind it will eliminate the awkwardness of how to greet one another.

Truth be told, it is a situation that most of us have yet to master. Sure, we do know that we can maintain a distance from one another, but what about those who feel that since you show no sign of the virus there is no reason we cannot show affection for one another, right?

Would this possible in Malaysia? Tell us what you think of this idea in the comments section below.

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Source: LinkedIn

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