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Commercial Jet Pilot Now Works As A Delivery Rider To Earn Money During Lockdown In Thailand



Source: Berita Awani and The Star

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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand has also imposed a lockdown to curb the spreading of the virus. As a result of this, many businesses are closed and travel restriction have been imposed.

Due to restrictions on air travel, airline companies are affected and this has prompted the employees to find other alternatives to make ends meet.

According to Berita Awani, over 200 employees in Bangkok who work for airline companies have taken the step to work in delivery services. Kritee Youngfuengmont, who used to work as a commercial jet pilot prior to the travel restrictions, is one of them.

However, he is now juggling jobs like food delivery, supply delivery and even provides e-hailing services.

“Life is unexpected and anything can happen at any time. You can enjoy the beautiful moments in life and in the blink of an eye, it all might just disappear,” said Kritee.

Kritee then went on to explain that when faced with hardships, we can either surrender and give up or we can fight our way out of it. Hearing Kritee’s words, it does make sense that life is indeed unpredictable as none of us expected that we all would be facing a global pandemic in 2020.

Berita Awani revealed that Kritee currently makes around 1,500 Baht, approximately RM200 every day. For Kritee, this amount is sufficient for the time being to cover his daily expenses.

Due to the lockdown, people in Bangkok are using delivery services to avoid from going out of their home. This presents an opportunity for Kritee to earn some money.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the government has announced today (1 May) that certain economy sectors would start operating on 4th May with some conditions. We hope that there are better times to come. Let’s continue playing our part to break the infection chain of this virus. Please stay safe and take care.


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Source: Berita Awani
Source: The Star

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