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Could Russia’s Plan To Register World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Soon, Be Too Good To Be True?



Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences & The Bell

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The Covid-19 virus has put quite a dent in our 2020. For some, the lockdowns were hell because of the isolation, while for others, a destruction of their livelihoods.

But what would you do if we say there could finally be a way for things to go back to normal?

Russian president, Vladimir Putin took to his Facebook page to announce that the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine will be registered in Russia in the upcoming days. He mentioned that Russian scientists have passed the necessary tests to prove the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

“Our medicine has adequately coped with the epidemic and now gives hope not only to our country, but to the whole world. Once the Soviet satellite paved the way for humanity into space, now the Russian vaccine will pave the way to the future without Covid-19, masks and social isolation,” he added.

Putin has also since reached out to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, offering to provide the country riddled with the Covid-19 virus with their vaccine once it becomes available, to which Duterte accepted.

“The Philippines stands ready to work with Russia on clinical trials, vaccine supply and production, and other areas deemed practicable by relevant Philippine and Russian agencies to address this global health emergency,” a Philippine government statement read, as according to the DW.

Duterte apparently also said, “I can be the first they can experiment on.”

But what’s most concerning is that many out there also believe that the vaccine could cause complications and problems.

A Russian association of multinational pharmaceutical companies spoke to Bloomberg about their concerns over Russia’s lack of transparency when it comes to the trials conducted for their vaccine.

“They haven’t published anything. This runs counter to the rest of the world. There is a standard to publish data even from unsuccessful studies,” they said. If that’s truly the case, then Russia might be rushing to register a vaccine that may have unforeseen side effects, may not even actually work or worse, may not be safe for people to use at all.

We genuinely hope that the Russian authorities know what they’re doing.

Stay tuned for more updates. 


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Source: The DW

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