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Couple Grateful to 8 Dogs They Keep in Orchard for Saving Them From Wild Animal Attacks



These Dogs Saved Me When I Was Being Attacked, My Family And I Are Grateful to Them," - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita Harian

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These dogs are definitely good boys if you ask us! 

Ismail Tawang and his 45-year-old wife own a 12-hector durian orchard in Kampung Lingai, Terengganu and they used to be constantly disturbed or attacked by wild animals such as wild boars and macaques while doing their work in the orchard.

The couple would constantly be looking over their shoulders fearing for their safety until they started rearing this pack of dogs, as reported by Berita Harian. According to 71-year-old Ismail, he once almost lost his life after getting attacked by a ferocious macaque.

“I still remember the frantic moment when a macaque with fangs lunged towards me in the orchard. Luckily the dogs attacked the macaque first and a fight ensued which killed the macaque.”

“These dogs had saved me when I was being attacked, so my family and I are grateful to them,” Ismail said. 

The couple were fascinated by how loyal and obedient the dogs were. The dogs have also done a great job of securing the orchard from wild animals and thieves. Yes, they’re all good boys!

“The benefit of rearing dogs is that the dogs would look after their masters’ safety and properties as the crops will be better protected from thieves and pest animals like wild boars and macaques.”

“Previously, the durians would always get stolen at night until we didn’t have the oppourtunity to enjoy the fruit at all. If a tree bears 100 durian fruits, we could only harvest 20. The rest were either stolen or eaten by wild boars.”

In fact, they once lost over RM100,000 worth of fruits and properties when good quality durians, chainsaws and fertilisers were stolen. Thankfully, the theft has completely stopped ever since the dogs came into play.

Anyone wants to get a dog now? 

Currently, there are eight dogs in their orchard named Lily, Mimi, Kurus, Merah, Panjang, Beja, Kancil and Bobo. However, the couple emphasised that they didn’t rear the dogs just for fun, but for a purpose. Plus, just because they’re the masters, it doesn’t mean that they have to cuddle with the dogs.

In fact, they just provide food for the dogs on a daily basis and treatment if any one of the dogs gets injured.

An imam from Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah also said that it’s not against their religion if the dogs are there to safeguard properties. However, physical contact should be minimised and conducted only when necessary.

I think we could all agree that dogs are extremely loyal and deserve all the love from their owners. Do you have any cute dog stories to tell? Share with us in the comments! 


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