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Covid-19 Survivors Are Reportedly Experiencing Weird Menstrual Cycles



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Hopefully this is just temporary and not a long term effect of contracting the virus!

A peculiar side effect has been observed among women who have contracted Covid-19 and recovered from it whereby almost all said that they have experienced changes in their menstrual cycle. As reported by Times Now, when Covid-19 female patients were asked whether the virus have affected their periods, the answer was an unanimous yes.

In fact, almost all women across the world who contracted the virus have claimed that Covid-19 has impacted their menstrual cycle in a peculiar way. These include:

  • Missing their period completely during the course of Covid-19 infection.
  • Irregular cycles after recovery.
  • Heavy flows.
  • Abnormally long periods.

These effects may have something to do with women’s hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone. It is believed that these hormones have been found to create a protective effect against Covid-19 which in turn places women in a relatively low-risk category for Covid-19 infection, as opposed to men.

For illustrative purposes.

Furthermore, doctors have also found that women who are from the menstruating age group that contracted Covid-19 seemed to have milder symptoms than others. However, why this is the case is still a mystery.

Some have suggested that the adverse effect on women’s menstrual cycle could be because of the sickness, reduced physical activity due to the virus infection and the stress of getting it. All the above factors play a part in how the menstrual cycle operates.

Let’s hope that researchers and doctors get to the bottom of this soon!


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