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“Covid-19 Used As Political Conspiracy,” MP Says There Will Be Zero Cases In Sabah When Elections End



Source: My KMU.Net &Astro Awani

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Mohammadin Ketapi, the current Warisan senior leader and ex-Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government, has been making many controversial statements over the past couple of days. Yesterday (21 September), the Silam MP came under fire from government officials for making disrespectful comments about the army and frontliners.

Today (22 September), Mohammadin described the global pandemic as a “political conspiracy”, confidently announcing that the virus will no longer be in Sabah once the elections are over.

“Before the elections, not many were infected. In Lahad Datu, there were only a few cases recorded. During elections, Covid-19 cases suddenly started increasing. It’s already 500 cases and still increasing,” said the MP in a statement recorded on video today.

“I’m confident that by 26th September when we have voted, we will have 0 cases by 27th – 28th September. No Covid-19.  The Defence Minister, Home Affairs Minister and other ministers within the state should step down and quit. They don’t know the situation,” added the Warisan leader.

As for the undermining comments he made yesterday concerning PDRM and our army frontliners, the MP said he pities them but also questions why is it necessary for him to apologise. This comes after the MP apologised for what he said yesterday after explaining that his statement was misunderstood. “While giving the talk, I gave an overview of the difficulties faced by our security personnel in defending the country’s sovereignty due to the weakness of the previous government (Barisan Nasional) in resolving the issue of illegal immigrants,” said the Warisan leader.

Since these contentious statements were made, a few ministers have come forward to comment on the situation. Khairy Jamaluddin took to his Twitter to say that these kinds of political remarks need to stop.

Shafie Apdal, the President of Warisan Sabah and Head Minister also took to Twitter to apologise to every uniformed body personnel, their families and all Malaysian citizens for the comments made by the senior leader recently.

Yesterday (21 September), Mohammadin described the sacrifices of those who laid their lives down for an intrusion incident in Lahad Datu during 2013 as a farce. He even claimed that the army and police entered the village with chickens and dogs and destroyed the oil palm plantations of the residents there. He added that the Lahad Datu (Tanduo) incident happened because the government was trying to hold an election at that time, as said by reports from My.KMU.net.

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Source: My KMU.net

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