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Covid Didn’t Stop These Two Teachers & Besties From Opening A Business Together and They ‘Nailed It!’



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Friendship goals!

From being teachers together to opening a nail salon together, Norul and Ajinder have been best friends for 20 years!

Before we move on to the story, their new nail salon is open in Tropicana Gardens, and its called Nailed It! — just like how they did in life. Check out their Instagram and perhaps book yourselves a manicure or pedicure service for the weekend?

Norul and Ajinder have been besties for 20 years. Before opening their new nail salon, they were both teachers from a private school. There are currently still working their day jobs as teachers and managing their business at the same time.

Sharing with WORLD OF BUZZ, Norul mentioned that she is not from a privileged family. My parents have only their love to give me, haha. Ajinder does not have a family business legacy either, lol!” she added. This is probably one of the reasons they bonded and have been soulmates for years.

“We always had an idea of opening a business together because we both, you can say are kind of unlucky in our relationships. I’ve been through a divorce, and Ajinder is a single mom, she had also been through a lot in her life,” Norul said.

It was Norul’s idea to open a nail salon. Ajinder loved the idea and immediately agreed when Norul proposed the idea to her.

“We see the potential in this business and how a salon can bring women together!”

When asked whether it was very hectic for them to work as teachers while doing their nail business at the same time, Norul said it certainly is, but they take it as a challenge.

Becoming an entrepreneur and working the day job simultaneously as women may seem like a hard task for some, not to mention we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, but Norul and Ajinder are here to break the stereotype.

“We were supposed to open the business on the 27 March, and then MCO happened on 18 March. We literally had to close down everything and stay home,” Norul shared.

Not only that, but they also had to let go of their well-trained staff too. After MCO was lifted and replaced with a more relaxed Recovery MCO, they decided to carry on with their plan and keep moving forward.

“We have no choice other than to keep going, ever since our salon’s grand opening on 8 August 2020, we have learnt a lot and we keep on learning,” she added.

The besties’ long term dream is to open more branches, not only as nail salon but academy and training centres! “We really hope we will be able to open an academy or training centres not only for underprivileged girls or women but also for refugees.”.

No matter what you have been through in life, please do not forget to get back up and come back stronger, just like how Norul and Ajinder NAILED IT in life. Remember to support small businesses together too!


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Source: Nailed It!

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