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Crash Bandicoot Might Be Coming to Mobile! Check Out the Leaked Photos Here



Images of Crash Bandicoot Mobile Version were Leaked, It's Nothing Like The One We Knew - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Hipertextual

Crash Bandicoot is an all-time-favourite PlayStation game for us who were born in the 80-90s. Even with more remakes and remastered editions, the game is still limited to PlayStation and Nintendo devices. We all remember the colourful mask character, Aku Aku, that goes “aboogabooga”, and the nerve-wracking gameplay especially when we “died” a little too far from the Checkpoint Crates.



Just when we thought the original game could only live on in our memories, a mobile version was rumoured to be released. Apparently, Activision and King (King, being the developer of Candy Crush) are working towards a mobile version of Crash Bandicoot that will be available on both iOS and Android!

Crash Bandicoot Mobile Version Leaked: - WORLD OF BUZZ

Although there’s still no announcement on the game release yet, game enthusiasts can expect it to be soon as screenshots of the mobile version had been leaked.

Source: Hipertextual

Hipertextual mentioned that this game could be an “endless runner” where the character runs automatically, and the player only has control for jumping and moving sideways. They have also suspected that this new mobile version is “nothing like the original” because one of the leaked images showed how the game included “crafting mechanics” where players can collect and create objects.

Source: Hipertextual

It seems like Coco and Doctor Neo Cortex will be included in the game as well, and players will have the opportunity to select these characters, according to Hipertextual. Players have also been warned to not expect the new mobile version to be anything like the one we used to play on our PlayStation consoles.

So for better understanding, this new mobile version of Crash Bandicoot is not a “remake” of the original, instead, it is a brand new creation with existing mobile game models. Don’t worry, Crash is still on a mission to cease Doctor Neo Cortex’s evil plan to destroy the multiverse!


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Crash Bandicoot Mobile Version Leaked: - WORLD OF BUZZ 1