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Crayola Releases Skin-Tone Crayons & Kids Can Finally “Colour Themselves”



Source: VT

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All of us would remember when we used to colour our drawings when we were kids, and there was actually no option for “skin colour”. I remember colouring the faces with orange anyway, because that’s what everyone did back then.

The good news for kids these days is that Crayola is finally launching a set of crayons that could cater to different skin-tones!

With the intention to acknowledge and embrace the diversity in this world, Crayola decided to launch a 24-colour crayon box — named “Colors of the World — that includes different skin tones from “light to deep”. The 24-colour set is said to represent 40 different skin tones because the company wants all kids to “have access to crayons that represent their skin tone”.

According to VT, Crayola had worked with Victor Casale from MOB Beauty to ensure that the shades are properly crafted. Casale believed that with the creation of this very crayon box, it is going to “change things” and people can “identify with themselves” with a box of 24 crayons.

“Colors of the World” is said to “authentically reflect the full spectrum of human complexions”. Brand bosses also added that every child should be able to “creatively” and “accurately” colour themselves according to the world they perceive.

While we thought the colours are just going to be shades of beige and brown, the crayons managed to include undertones such as “rose”, “almond” and “golden”.

Not just that, but Crayola has also launched a 32-colour pack that includes eye and hair shades. Wow!

The CEO of Crayola, Rich Wuerthele mentioned how the company is focusing on fostering a greater sense of belonging and acceptance.

“With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance.”

So far, this pack of crayons is only available in the United States and we’re not sure if it’s ever going to be released in Malaysia. But we really hope that the children here would get a chance to experience something different!


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Source: VT
Source: VT

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