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Creepy Telegram Group That Sexualises Uniformed Singaporean Schoolgirls Exposed & Banned



Finally! A Telegram Group Was Banned For Sexualizing Uniformed School Girls - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Twitter

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Not even a day passed and yet again, a Telegram group has gone viral for salacious reasons. Before this, women were bashed in an  for showing off skin or allowing boyfriend or exes to take nude photos.

But what is this??

This time, it’s a group chat in Telegram dedicated to sexualising uniformed school girls?? Disgusting gila la woi!!

According to her post on Twitter, a woman decided to check out the sketchy group and scrolled the chat, only to find innocent school girls’ photos. Pictures of them with friends, at school, during sporting events – nothing was safe from this group of creepers.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

It got worse from there.

Source: Twitter

We simply couldn’t believe what we read, so we actually searched for the group in Telegram and found out that some of the people in it were so sick, they made deals on used panties.

Thank god the public was concerned and helped report the group

Luckily someone reached out to the woman and DM-ed her an email template that the public can collectively use to report to Telegram about this misuse of the platform.

The e-mail contained these important points:

  • It should be against the rules of Telegram.
  • Multiple groups were created to share photos of uniformed school kids.
  • The uniformed girls were sexualised.
  • Along with the e-mail are screenshots of what they shared in the group.
  • The name of the group and the admin was mentioned
  • Many of their friends were seen in the group.
  • The pictures were shared without consent.
  • Telegram should take action to ban this group and find ways to avoid this in the future.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The e-mail worked

Thanks to the tweet, a lot of people used the e-mail template and sent it to Telegram. The group is now banned! #yeay #girlpower

This is how pedophiles are made right? What else do you think we could do to prevent this from happening again?


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