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Customer Expects Food Delivery Rider to Belanja Their Meal If It Doesn’t Arrive Within 20 Minutes



Source: Facebook

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We all love the convenience of food delivery services considering we can get almost anything we’re craving for with just a few swipes and taps of our smart devices.

But, to what lengths are we willing to go as we take advantage of these services and the good people who brave rain or shine to bring us our food and beverage items?

The All Singapore Stuff Facebook page took to their account to showcase a reader’s submission by someone named Sarah, who may possibly the food delivery person who experienced a customer who decided to add a very unreasonable additional note in their order. The customer decided to add that if their food doesn’t arrive within 20 minutes, the delivery person would have to pay for their meal.

<Reader's Contribution by Sarah>Self-entitled customer expects GrabFood delivery to arrive in 20min or else rider has to pay for it. Got money buy Yishun condo but no money to buy class.

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

All Singapore Stuff wrote, “Self-entitled customer expects their GrabFood delivery to arrive within 20 minutes or else the rider has to pay for it. Got money to buy a condo in Yishun but no money to buy class.”

The request is very much outrageous considering Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) have been banned on footpaths in Singapore, which makes food deliveries at their previous speeds very much impossible.

Source: Facebook

Many netizens have since voiced out their dissatisfaction the customer. Some reasoned as to why delivery timings can sometimes end up being extended.

Source: Facebook

Other netizens spoke about why it’s important to be nice to your delivery person.

Source: Facebook

One netizen even commented about what they would do if they were in the delivery person’s shoes.

Source: Facebook

We’re not entirely sure of the outcome of the situation, but we genuinely hope that the delivery person didn’t have to pay for the ridiculous customer’s meal.

In fact, we hope that food delivery services will blacklist or suspend customers who are unreasonable and cruel to delivery people who work hard in order to ensure food and beverages are delivered in a pristine state.

All Singapore Stuff’s posting has since garnered over 685 shares.

Dear food delivery people, we appreciate you.


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