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Deaf GrabFood Rider Who Got Lost & Left Customer Silent Calls Rewarded RM5,000



Source: Bonda Nor

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Recently, a deaf GrabFood rider who also has a speech disability took the internet by storm after he had called a customer numerous times to get her to check the in-application chat as he was lost, and he didn’t give up until she finally got her food.

The customer, Bonda Nor, felt bad as she had gotten angry, thinking the rider was leaving her silent calls as a joke, only to find out about the rider’s circumstances later.

After leaving him an RM10 tip, she felt that the rider deserved better and decided to meet up with him (and a couple of the rider’s co-workers who helped translate) to give him a proper thank you, as showcased on her Facebook page.

She wrote, “Even though I gave him a tip through the GrabPay system, there was unrest in my heart. I felt guilty for making a wrong assumption at him. And I felt the need to tell the community to not make my mistake. We need to be more sensitive to these kinds of possibilities.”

Hence, she wrote the post in regards to the experience and called Grab to try and track the rider down. Soon after, she received a Facebook message from a colleague of the disabled rider.

“A man named Asyraf messaged me on Facebook. ‘I am Rizuam’s friend, the disabled rider in Kuala Terengganu. This is his phone number.’. Even though the post went viral, I never revealed the Grab rider’s name. So, when I heard the name Rizuam, it means that he knew the story and was telling the truth!”

“I used the number provided by Asyraf and contacted Rizuam, introduced myself and apologised over the issue. ‘Can my husband and I meet you? We have some gifts for you.’,” she explained.

The rider asked if he could bring a friend along, to help translate.

“He is also a GrabFood rider, he is deaf but he can speak,” Rizuam told her, to which she agreed. It turns out that the friend was Asyraf.

When they met up, Rizuam his legs looked weak. It turns out that he had recently gotten into an accident. But he still went to work from 10am to 10pm!

The riders shared how hardworking disabled riders are in Terengganu, showcasing to Bonda how the top 10 list of GrabFood riders in Terengganu were monopolised by disabled riders.

“Disabled riders are very hardworking, Bonda. We are always chasing after jobs,” shared Asyraf.

Touched by their stories and her own experience with Rizuam, she handed him RM5,000 and a few of her books as a thank you.

“Alhamdulillah, I was able to pass Rizuam a livelihood of RM5,000, donated via the Akademi Bonda Nor team and the Ekspres-i speaker team. Also, I gave him my Semangat! planner and my book, Bahagia Tanpa Syarat.”

“The livelihood of persistent and trustworthy people on duty. Because he was patient for an hour, Allah sustained him up to RM5,000. Good luck Rizuam, Asyraf and Muhsin,” she added.

We’re so happy that this story got the great ending it deserves and so proud to hear that disabled riders are getting recognised for their hard work.

So, hey, always be nice to your delivery riders for you’ll never know the circumstances they have to go through in order to have your craving sent to you safely!

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Source: Bonda Nor
Source: Bonda Nor
Source: Bonda Nor

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