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Deaf Tesco Puncak Alam Staff Yelled At By Ignorant Customer Who Didn’t Read His OKU Vest



Source: Twitter & MalayMail

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It’s a good feeling, seeing an OKU person preferring to hold a job instead of begging on the streets in Malaysia.

But most of the time, able-bodied Malaysians don’t understand the struggles of those with disabilities and end up bullying them.

For instance, Amirul (@AmirulKhuzaimi2) took to his Twitter account to showcase screenshots of an Instagram posting, explaining how a deaf hypermarket staff was yelled at by a customer, who clearly didn’t understand how it feels to be deaf.

Amirul wrote, “This happened at Tesco, Puncak Alam. The customer has eyes but clearly has difficulties seeing.”

His caption highlights the fact that the deaf staff member was wearing a vest that states that he’s a disabled worker, but the customer who has functioning eyes, clearly didn’t notice the vest.

Source: Twitter

The Tesco representative wrote, “My staff is wearing this uniform, which is for OKU staff. A customer asked him, ‘Brother, where can I find garbage bags?’. Obviously, the staff didn’t react because he can’t hear or speak, the customer then yelled at him asking where the garbage bags were. Please don’t be too lazy to read, or is it because you don’t know how to read what’s written on his vest.”

Source: Twitter

How ignorant can someone be to yell at a deaf person?

There clearly are other ways to convey the message to the staff member, such as showing him a picture on your phone of what you’re looking for.

We hope the customer that yelled at the OKU staff at least apologises to him for their rude behaviour.

Amirul’s posting has since garnered 19,900 retweets.

Kudos to OKU people everywhere who work hard to make a living while having to endure ignorant able-bodied people. 


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