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Dedicated Doctor Completes 9 Surgeries Despite Severe Pain from Appendicitis



Doctor Completes 9 Operations Despite Severe Pain from Appendicitis - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: YouTube

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Doctors are known throughout the world for their dedication as they work tirelessly to ensure that their patients get the care they need. We often hear stories of hardworking doctors and surgeons who work for more than 12 hours in order to save the lives of patients.

However, this doctor went above and beyond to fulfil his duties. Not only did he have nine operation procedures scheduled for the day, he did them while he was in excruciating pain himself. #respek

Dr Liang Fuqun, who’s a surgeon at a hospital in Si County, Anhui Province, China, woke up on the morning of June 24 with a stomach ache. He ignored it thinking it would eventually go away and decided to go ahead with his appointments for the day, according to South China Morning Post.

He asked his supervisor, Dr Shi, to accompany him as a precaution. However, while he was working on his third procedure, Liang suddenly felt a sharp pain around his abdominal area. Even then, the dedicated doctor decided not to take a break and continued with his appointments as he wanted to help his patients.

At one point, he was in so much pain that he had to squat down in a corner of the room for a short break. He had one of the nurses inject some painkillers to his backside instead and resumed operating on his patient.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

After being administered the painkillers, the determined Dr Liang completed a total of nine operations that day.

He finally took a break and when his colleagues performed an ultrasound on him, they discovered that the severe pain in his stomach was caused by an acute case of appendicitis and Dr Liang was badly in need of an operation too.

“By the time we opened him up, there was already pus oozing out. His appendix was about 10cm long, almost as thick as my thumb,” Shi said.

Source: Youtube

Liang then went in for his operation, which was successfully done. When he came out, he explained why he decided to continue working despite being in agonising pain.

“There was a power outage in our department, so there were a lot of surgeries lined up yesterday. We doctors can’t afford to get sick. If we get sick, then the patients have to wait. I often worry about the patients. I just wanted to complete these surgeries and help them recover faster,” he said.

Source: Youtube

While many praised him for such a heroic act, others thought that it was very foolish of him as he had put his patients in potential danger.

“I would definitely not want to have surgery done by a surgeon in so much pain that he could pass out any moment. Plus, he’s probably doing more harm than good by causing everyone around him and his loved ones to worry about him,” someone commented.

Thankfully, the doctor is okay now. What do you think of his actions? Tell us in the comments! 


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