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Dehydration Can Make You Look Older Than Your Age, Here’s Why



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Being Asia, your mother’s remedy for any ailment you ever had was probably, DRINK MORE WATER! Whether it was a flu or a broken limb, the solution was a bottle of water, the hotter the better.

But was there more to their nagging than meets the eye?

Besides the obvious health benefits of drinking water, did you know hydration can also make you look younger? According to nelly devuyst, dehydration can cause wrinkles due to the lack of water.

Hydration will cause your skin to lose its brightness and vitality.

Let’s dive into a little biology, shall we? Naturally, your skin contains molecules that capture and absorb water. When your skin doesn’t get enough water, water will not be retained and will evaporate.

When this happens, you will first notice lines around your eyes and slowly throughout your whole face. To overcome this, your skin produces more sebum and becomes more oily.

However, there’s a difference between dehydration lines and wrinkles. Dehydration lines are often finer and more superficial compared to wrinkles which are deeper and do not fluctuate day-to-day.

Dehydration lines are temporary and can be reduced by hydrating well. When you grow older, the molecules that capture water in your skin reduces and will cause deep wrinkles that increase with age.

If you’re panicking and rethinking all your hydrating choices, here’s what you can do to have healthier skin.


1. Exfoliate Before Hydrate

Use a scrub to remove dead skin cells on your face, eye contour and eyelids. Remember, not to exfoliate too much as you might end up damaging your skin more.



Moisturising is the barrier that protects your skin from pollution and reduces the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Using a good moisturiser removes superficial dehydration wrinkles while preventing the formation of deep wrinkles.


3. Drink Water

That’s the whole point here, right? Water is the best beverage to hydrate you and it’s best to avoid soft drinks, coffee and energy drinks which dehydrate you more.

While the recommended amount is 1.5 litres, the amount differs to your BMI and your daily activities. Why not find some hydration apps you can download here to remind you to chug some H20!

Well, do you intend to age like fine wine? How bout ditching the wine and grabbing some water? 1,235,894 Asian mums can’t be wrong!


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Source: Live Science

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