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Despite Scoring 5As For UPSR, Pavithra Reveals She Had To Stop Schooling To Help Support Family



Source: Sugu Pavithra YouTube

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Adored by Malaysians all across the country, Sugu Pavithra star Ms S. Pavithra has continued to prove that a pared down and humble approach to creating content is a sure-fire way to be a hit with audiences locally. And with a following of over half-a-million people and counting, we have no doubts about her success.

But for Ms Pavithra, life leading up to this point has never been completely smooth sailing, after speaking about the hardships she had to work through while growing up. During an interview with Astro, she shared about what it was like to have grown up in a family where money was scarce to go around.

“Back in primary school, I got 5As for my UPSR examinations. Bahasa Malaysia has always been my favourite subject.

It’s just that went I went to secondary school, I never got to complete my schooling and stopped halfway. I never even got to complete Form 4.” she said.

Much of this was due to the fact that her family faced severe financial hardship when she was younger, and she had to give up on studying as a teenager to help her father out to support her family by working in a factory. Her father was merely working as a construction labourer at the time.

“My father told me to to work to help the family. Also at the time, I was the eldest in the family as my older sister was being taken care of by my grandmother.” she adds.

But working at an early age has helped improve her linguistic abilities, as Ms Pavithra had the opportunity to interact and speak Bahasa Malaysia with her colleagues, who were mainly Malay, which is what led to her fluency in the language today.

With a booming YouTube career ahead of her and recognition by even our very own Prime Minister, Ms Pavithra continues to inspire Malaysians everywhere with her story of genuine hard-work and dedication to her craft.

To Ms Pavithra, we wish you continued success on your journey ahead!


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Source: Sugu Pavith

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