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Did You Know, In Asia There Are 5 Other Days You Can Celebrate Love Besides Valentine’s Day?



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With valentine’s day coming up this Sunday, people around the globe are either running around trying to prepare a surprise for their special someone or sulking at home at their singlehood.

But what if we told you that there’s actually more than one valentine’s day out there? That’s right, there’s actually five more!

1. White day

Falling on 14 March, exactly one month after Valentine’s day, White day is when men are expected to return the favour of gifting chocolate to the women who bought them gifts the month before. It was first celebrated in Japan in the 1970s.

Unlike how Valentine’s day is usually celebrated elsewhere, in Japan, the titular couple’s holiday is usually celebrated with Japanese women preparing chocolates and gifts for the special men in their lives, without receiving anything in return.

So, as a result, White day was born!

The special ‘second valentine’s’ is celebrated in Japan, China, South Korea, and Vietnam!


2. Black day

If you think Black day sounds like the total opposite of White day, then you’re on the right track. Didn’t receive or gift anything on Valentine’s or White day? Don’t worry because this holiday is just for you.

Mainly celebrated in South Korea, this unofficial holiday is a special day for single friends to gather and eat jajangmyeon in solidarity for their singlehood. The holiday falls on 14 April, one month after White day and two months after Valentine’s.


3. 520

I’m sure most Malaysians have heard of 520 before, but for those who have not, let me fill you in.

520 is a popular Chinese valentine’s day that was popularised by netizens online. As the name suggests, it falls on 20 May and was invented because people noted that if you say 520 (Wu ’èr líng) fast enough, it sounds like the Chinese phrase for “I love you” (wo ai ni).

If you think both phrases sound nothing alike, then we’re in the same boat. But hey! Who doesn’t love another excuse to celebrate that special someone?


4. Qixi Festival

Although the lesser-known of the two, Qixi Festival is another Chinese valentines day that’s celebrated on 7 July in the lunar calendar (usually in August).

Also known as Double Seventh Day, the holiday originated from the legend of the cowherd and the weaver girl, 牛郎 (Niúláng; ‘ox youth’) and 织女 (Zhínǚ; ‘weaving girl’), and is one of China’s most romantic traditional festivals.

The holiday has since evolved from its traditional customs to couples gifting each other gifts to show their love and appreciation.


5. Pepero day (11.11)

Although more commonly known as 11.11 singles day in Chinese, 11 November is also a day to celebrate your love for your special someone in Korea. Aptly dubbed ‘Pepero day’, couples gift each other Pepero and Pocky snacks to show their affection and care for one another!

So it doesn’t matter if you miss Valentine’s Day. You can certainly adopt one of these days to celebrate love. Alternatively, you can celebrate love every day!


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