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Doctor Finds 3cm-Long Leech in Woman’s Throat After She Starts Coughing Blood



Woman Coughs Out Blood, Doctor Finds 3cm Leech In Her Throat - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Mirror

You know sometimes when you have a sore-throat and you feel like there’s ants or whatnot in your throat, and you keep trying to clear it with cough lozenges? Well, this lady LITERALLY had something in her throat and it was a 3cm long leech.

According to The Mirror, a 65-year-old Chinese woman felt something in her throat and started coughing up blood.

Woman Coughs Out Blood, Doctor Finds 3cm Leech In Her Throat - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Mirror

One visit to the doctor and a bronchoscopy later, they found that there was a 3cm blood-sucking leech dangerously close to her voice box. The doctor then froze it with a freezing-agent first as forceful extraction can lead to an injury and then removed it. The whole procedure took 6 minutes.

Watch the removal of the leech here.

The woman, who works in a farm in Guiyang, has a habit of drinking uncooked “spring water” – which might explain her accidentally ingesting leech eggs or larvae, which then hatched and grew in her windpipes.

Source: Memebase

Drinking lots of water is a good thing but please make sure that you’re drinking treated/boiled water to make sure that there are no “surprises” that will be costly in the future. Now, drink water!


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