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Doctor Wrongly Diagnose Patient, INSISTS She’s Pregnant & Disrespects Her



Source: Twitter

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Reality check, doctors are human beings too – which means they too are prone to make a misdiagnosis of your condition.

One netizen became the victim of a terrible medical mistake when her doctor said that she was pregnant, despite insisting that she has never had intercourse in her life!

To make matters worse, her sister was there to witness the doctor’s ‘revelation’, kicking up a hell of a storm in her family.

Taking to Twitter, @syaimaa_zailany shared her experience of going through the misdiagnosis.

Here is her story.

“After enduring pain in my stomach for almost a week, I made the decision to consult with a doctor. After taking my urine for testing, the doctor said that I was pregnant.”

“I got mad and confused. I insisted that I have not had sex with any man ever and the doctor mentioned there were many like me who would never admit their pregnancy as they have to admit to have had sex.”

Seriously doctor?

Not taking the doctor’s word for it, @syaimaa_zailany went for another check-up with another doctor only to confirm that it was NOT a pregnancy all along.

“I went for another check-up and I was suspected of having appendicitis.”

Well isn’t that a relief.

“The first doctor was the stupidest doctor I’ve ever met in my life. When I am discharged from this ward, I can’t wait to see the doctor and throw her the baby scan she gave me to her face.”

Netizens commenting on her tweet were not only shocked at the revelation but also shared their own experience of being misdiagnosed by doctors.

One netizen writes, “I once had an experience like this when the nurse said that it is common for me to deny my pregnancy and said that it was common among kids my age. “

“She did it in front of everyone and it was a very packed government clinic at that.”

Commenting on the incident, one doctor stepped up and explained how the case SHOULD have been handled.

The story, however, did not end there as @syaimaa_zailany visited the clinic to meet up with the doctor.

“The doctor did not meet up with me, but her friend (another doctor) mentioned that her misdiagnosis may be attributed to the big number of patients she is attending to.”

Insisting that the doctor’s diagnosis was indeed incorrect, @syaimaa_zailany decided not to pursue the matter further.

Let’s hope this story serves as an example for members of the public to not jump to conclusions especially when seeking medical attention and seeking to get a second opinion before taking the next course of action. 


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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