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Doctors Exhausted From Treating Wuhan Virus Patients, Sleep On Hospital Floors & Benches



Medical Staff Exhausted From Treating Wuhan Patients Sleep On Hospital Floors & Chairs - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Oriental Daily

Many of you have heard of how hospitals in China are now experiencing severe overcrowding due to the growing number of patients infected with the deadly Wuhan virus. As a result, doctors and nurses are forced to work non-stop. Some have even resorted to wearing diapers because they don’t have enough time to use the toilet!

These hardworking, dedicated professionals hardly take breaks as they spend every waking moment treating patients. So when they do find time to catch some rest, they take it any way they can get it.

According to Oriental Daily, a few netizens took to Weibo to share photos of the medical staff from a hospital in China, claiming that they slept on the floor and benches with the limited rest time they had. The post was captioned, “They are the true heroes of this country.”

China’s “CCTV News” portal even reposted the photos with the caption, “They are fighting hard for us! They are fighting the virus, salute!” Other netizens responded to the photos with grateful messages, encouraging the exhausted doctors with encouragement.

“Thank the frontline medical workers, they work hard. Really, thank you.”

Another netizen took the opportunity to remind others that they shouldn’t take the comfort and leisure of their own lives for granted. “Those who complain that they’re bored at home, look at them [doctors]. They can’t go home. They can’t even sleep on a bed. [Meanwhile], we live comfortable lives. Cherish it.”

Some also pointed out that these doctors typically lead tough lives, advising netizens to treat these medical professionals with the respect they deserve even after the epidemic passes.

While we’re aware that infected patients are desperate for medical attention, let’s not forget that these doctors have lives too. They deserve to be acknowledged. 


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