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Doctors Hands Turn Red & Swollen From Working On Wuhan Cure For 12 Hours In Lab Everyday



Doctors Hands Turn Red & Swollen From Working On Wuhan Cure For 12 Hours In Lab Everyday - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Oriental Daily & France 24

As the Wuhan epidemic continues to spread, doctors and medical professionals have been working tirelessly in search of a cure for the deadly disease. Many have sacrificed their sleep, time with their families – some have even sacrificed their lives for the sake of healing the growing number of infected patients.

Recently, a doctor who’s been working on lab testings to treat the viral outbreak shared the worryingly inflamed condition of his hands after spending more than 12 hours a day in the lab to garner results for the containment of the now, global pandemic.

The doctor, known as Chen Jun, is the deputy Director of the laboratory department in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital and has been working there for 19 years. Chen said the lab team typically does two rounds of testing twice a day, with each round taking about 6 hours to complete. But given the severity of the viral outbreak, these hardworking medical professionals often work past 12 hours, up to 2am or 3am daily.

As these doctors have to constantly be in highly protective gear all the time since they’re in such close proximity with the virus, Chen’s hands have gradually turned red and severely swollen with rashes from its lack of exposure to air! The condition is known as Erythema, whereby inflammation occurs due to increased blood flow in capillaries.

Doctors Hands Turn Red & Swollen From Working On Wuhan Cure For 12 Hours In Lab Everyday - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: France 24

The hardworking doctor revealed that all 27 members of the lab were dispatched in the beginning of January to tediously examine over 100-300 virus samples to rule out each virus one by one. Chen, who unfortunately was diagnosed with polio, said that while his movements are unaffected, he takes a longer time to perform his tasks as compared to the average person.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the determined doctor from giving his all to treating the virus. Chen says each testing takes 10 steps to complete and while it’s exhausting it’s important for him to stay focused throughout the process.

“I can’t flinch, because there are still so many people waiting for these results, I must stick it out.”

He admits that after working for extended periods of time, the sweat from doctors hands usually start irritating their skin from being trapped in airtight rubber gloves. As a result, these doctors have to constantly combat skin irritation and inflammation. They only take quick breaks to medicate and bandage their hands before heading back to their excruciating work.

We’re truly in debt to these doctors for all their sacrifice!


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