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Dog Sheds Tears in Heartbreaking Video after Being Poisoned by Thieves



Dog Sheds Tears while Slowly Dying Away after Poisoned by Thieves - World Of Buzz

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Dogs are excellent at guarding houses as their loud barks would scare off any potential intruder. As such, they’re often the first ones to be targeted in an attempt to break into the house.

Recently, a heartbreaking footage of a dog shedding tears went viral on social media.

According to its Indonesian owner Achy Wijaya, he discovered that his dog was poisoned in the morning and decided to warn netizens about it.

He wrote on social media:

“Be careful, thefts are becoming more rampant these days.

“A few days ago, our house was almost broken into by a group of unknown people in the middle of the night. But they failed to enter the house because our pet dog was barking relentlessly.

“This morning, we discovered that our dog had been poisoned and was slowly dying away.”

“We tried to help it but to no avail. We fed it with a can of milk, half a litre of oil and some coconut water, but it didn’t make it.

“We wanted to take the dog to the vet but we live in Papua, where the veterinarian services only cater to livestock. Besides, it happened on a Sunday while the clinic was closed.”

In the heart-wrenching video, the dog was slowly dying away with some white foam coming out from it’s mouth. It was trembling and even shed tears while looking at its owner. :'(

After the dog took its last breath, the owner gave it a proper burial.

Dog Shed - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook

Dog Shed - World Of Buzz 1

Source: Facebook

Social media users were enraged after watching the video.

“To the person who poisoned the dog, I hope you’ll get to taste your own medicine one day,” a Facebook user wrote.

“I don’t understand how can somebody did this to a dog!” another user said.

Let’s hope the people who did this will be brought to justice soon. Rest in peace doggie. 🙁 

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