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“Don’t force your interests on others” M’sian Influencer Addresses Meltdown During Live Talk Show



Source: 正面交鋒 FaceTalk | YouTube

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Malaysian influencer, Cathryn Li has addressed the incident of her having a meltdown during a live talk show that took place on 8 March.

In an Instagram post, the local actress apologises for her loss of control and disgraceful manners. She admits that she is wrong and needs to improve her emotional intelligence.

“I should have swallowed my anger when I was being attacked inexplicably, I regret my loss of control,” she said.

“But seeing so many netizens and friends defending me, I am very grateful. Thank you for supporting me.”

Cathryn reiterates that she still prefers to perform solo on the acoustic piano, and added that she is not good at or interested in improvising with bands on an electronic keyboard as she is not working in the music industry.

“Everyone has their own interest in music, don’t force your interest onto others. Don’t force your opinion that “powerful musicians should be able to play all music” on others,” she said.

“Different genres of music ensemble still needs a little time to practice. Not just for music, I believe that all performances have been fully practised and prepared, and then presented with the best performance.”

“After all, what people want to see is the performance, not how well you can improvise.”

“Thank you again for your advice. I will take this opportunity to improve myself.”

Previously, Cathryn was invited to be a guest on a live talk show where she stormed off after reading nasty comments from netizens, who criticised her for not showing any interest in music. She said that she only came on the show to chit-chat and not to play the keyboard, and lashed out in frustration during the show.


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