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“Don’t Get Tested & This Will Disappear Overnight” FB Post Urges People To Stop Giving Govt Power



Source: NPS & PC Tech

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“Can people just stop getting tested? Just stop the testing and this will disappear overnight!” said certain netizens in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic that has changed almost everything we know in our society.

These netizens have been copy-pasting a message onto their Facebook statuses, urging people to stop getting tested for Covid-19 as it would give the government the number of cases and the power to take them into a “winter lockdown”.

From the looks of it, these netizens are probably from the Western side of the world (The United States), the country that has almost seven million Covid-19 cases at the time of writing.

By not getting tested, these people think that they can end the pandemic overnight without considering the fact that the virus has killed over 950,000 people worldwide. The virus is real, and it is deadly for some.

“If you are well enough to get yourself to a testing centre then you’re absolutely fine,” the post writes.

“Stay at home for two weeks just to be safe, eat well and take your vitamins and then crack on!”

“You don’t need to wear a positive covid test like a badge of honour for absolute no reason do you??”

The post then starts painting a picture of a Christmas in lockdown where “it’s dark more than it is light” with “no garden to enjoy because it’s cold and rainy.”

The post continues by saying that having a lockdown means that there’s “no festivities to look forward to, no Christmas markets or shopping” and “no taking the kids to see Father Christmas”.

“Plus your standard normal winter illnesses to throw in the mix!! More people will die of suicide than EVER before!”

“Our elderly will die sooner than they should because they will be restricted to their usual things that keep them sane, like community groups?”

“We need social interaction, we need to mix with each other to get germs to thrive and stay healthy and I don’t need no paid off scientist to do research to tell me that!!!”


The post then urges people to copy, paste and share the message.

Other like-minded netizens did not hesitate to express their agreement with the post.

Source: Facebook

While others were smart enough to know how dangerous the Covid-19 virus can be.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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