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Don’t Spread This Viral Message of Old Man Stranded In Subang Jaya! It’s Fake!



Source:Sinar Harapan

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If you happen to see this image of an old man circulating on social media, don’t buy into the story guys! It’s fake!

This image has been circulated by netizens on Whatsapp – but unbeknownst to them, it’s actually not a real story.

The message says an old Malay man was found stranded in SS19/1 Subang Jaya. Apparently the old man wants to go to his son’s house in Kuala Lumpur, but he is unable to as he cannot remember his son’s name or where his son lives.

The details of an old man being unable to find his son is a good sob story as it is, but, as likely as it sounds, don’t get pulled into this one!

The message continues by stating that the old man is now at the SS17 Subang Jaya police station, and requests that WhatsApp users and netizens on social media sites help share the message and the image so that the man would be able to find his son.

However Subang Jaya District Police chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari, said that the messages in the media were not true.

In an article by Sinar Harapan, the authorities have come forth to deny the viral message. According to them, aside from the fact that the news is false, the male Malay man in the image (who is unclear by the way) is also unknown. Nobody knows who this person is!

Source: New Straits Times

“The news spread is not true, but the man in the picture is also unknown,” Sadari responded through WhatsApp.

Be careful not to be pulled in by these stories guys. For all you know, it could be a scam by another syndicate just waiting to prey on gullible and kindly Malaysians who wish to help. 

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