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“Don’t you see the seriousness of the matter?” M’sian Pleads With Public After Condo Resident Dies



Source: Ellie Onni (Facebook) & Rappler

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In light of MCO being implemented again and our Covid-19 cases skyrocketing nonstop, not taking the disease seriously is something we can’t afford to do.

On 11 January, Facebook user Elle Onni took to the social media site to warn others of how dangerous Covid-19 actually is after a resident in her condo tested positive for Covid-19.

“My condo’s management just notified us, someone tested positive for covid just passed away,” she writes in her Facebook post.

Ellie said that they had only been notified of his positive status the day before and that the resident was originally meant to be sent for quarantine for two weeks. But when the ambulance came, it was already too late.

“It’s not just a diagnosis,” she pleads. “A lot of people still think Covid is just a cold. They think that it’s no big deal, that it’s far away from us.”

She explained that soon after she heard the news about her condo resident, she talked to her friends and the people around her only to find out that many of them had tested positive or know of close relatives who have tested positive for Covid-19 as well.

She expressed how afraid she’s been with the growing number of cases, and asked why in the world people think it’s okay to just go out and have fun?

“Why are there so many people still out there wandering around? Why are people still asking friends to come over for dinner? In fact, food is the most dangerous, because you have to take off your mask when eating, and at the same time, you are easily exposed to the virus.”

“I’m really angry. Why don’t you see the seriousness of the matter?”

Ellie said she hasn’t been out for a long time, not even to bring her son out for exercise. She also stopped having her maid visit every day, as she can’t be sure who her maid interacts with on the way to and back from her home.

But even then, it still feels like it isn’t enough.

“Even though I’ve been really careful, the disease feels like it’s getting closer and closer to me. So close that I don’t even know what to do anymore,” she pleaded one last time.

“So when I still see people going out shopping and wandering about, I really don’t know what to say. My heart is tired.”


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Source: Rappler

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