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Double Whammy! Cop in George Floyd Case Faces Murder Charges and Divorce



Source: New York Post & LA Times

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After the former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin was charged with a third-degree murder on George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, another piece of news followed through.

It’s been reported that the ex-police officer’s wife, Kellie Chauvin, has decided to file for divorce against him.

Being “devastated” by the death of the 46-year-old Mr Floyd, Ms Chauvin released a statement through her attorney. This public statement was shared by Esme Murphy, a reporter and anchor on WCCO-TV, earlier today (30 May) on her Twitter account.

On behalf of Ms Chauvin and her family, the attorney wrote that he or she had spoken to the former police officer’s wife. Ms Chauvin expressed her “utmost sympathy” with Mr Floyd’s family and his loved ones, as well as everyone who is grieving the very tragedy that occurred on 25 May.

As she requested for safety and privacy to be given to her family, Ms Chauvin decided to file for dissolution of her marriage to Mr Chauvin.

In case you missed it, George Floyd was brutally murdered by Derek Chauvin – who is now an ex-police officer – by kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, as reported by CNN.

Despite the victim crying out loud and pleading the officer to stop, Derek Chauvin refused to back off and resumed pinning the man down. At that point, the African-American man was already handcuffed and lying face down on the road — defenceless.

Floyd then went unresponsive for 2 minutes and 53 seconds while Chauvin’s knee was still jamming his neck against the ground. The public was appalled by how cruel the officer was, noting how he continued inflicting pain towards the victim even after he was unresponsive.

This tragedy and case of murder caused an explosion of uproar and protests in the United States as well as other countries, grieving for the loss of Mr Floyd’s life.

This is a developing event, stay tuned for more updates.

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Source: LA Times

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