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Dr Amalina: No Evidence Warm Water Kills Covid-19 Like Health Minister Says



Dr Amalina: There Is No Evidence Of Covid-19 Drinking Water Tips By The Minister Of Health - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Dr Amalina Bakri denied the advice from Health Minister Dr Adham Baba that people should be encouraged to drink warm water to prevent Covid-19 infection. This statement was produced by Dr Adham Baba in an interview recently on TV1.

In that interview, he said, as quoted by Malaysiakini,

“The virus does not like heat. But please drink warm water. The virus will go down to the stomach and the acid in our stomach will kill the virus.”

Dr Amalina who is concerned about misinformation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic immediately tweeted to explain that there is no evidence to back up such claim.

Earlier this month the WHO has also rejected this myth and the organisation shared in their official Twitter account about it, explaining that it is good to stay hydrated but it does not prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Watch the snippet of Dr Adham Baba’s interview here:

We would like to request everyone to not simply follow any myth that you see floating online. Please refer to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia and also the World Health Organization for the best ways to deal with anything regarding to the Covid 19 pandemic. We are living in an era where we can find the correct information easily within just a few clicks. So, please do your research first before sharing any myth or fake news ok?


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