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Dr Noor Hisham Gets Praised By American Colleague for His Methods of Handling Covid-19 in M’sia



Source: Facebook

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Health Director-General Dato’ Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah is no stranger to accolades these days and he deserves to receive all that comes in his way for his contribution in directing Malaysia’s response to Covid-19.

Adding to the list of gratification towards Dr Noor Hisham and his team, compatriot Julie Miller, took to social media sharing to the world what Dr Noor Hisham did which has resulted in Malaysia’s success in fending off the coronavirus.

Taking to Facebook, here is what Julie Miller has to say, “A tale of two countries: Malaysia is an example of what happens when leaders listen to science and the population complies and supports their leadership.”

“My friend and colleague, endocrine surgeon Hisham Abdullah, is the Director-General of Health in Malaysia and has directed their pandemic response. He made hard decisions early, even before Malaysia had its first case.”

Adding that Malaysia’s measures of strict border control, testing, tracing, isolation, clear line of messaging, press conferences, evidence and fact-based decisions have paid dividends to the country.

“He has worked day and night since January. Elected officials have listened and implemented his advice. The public has complied with social distancing, hand washing, and masking.”

“As a result, Malaysia, a densely populated multicultural Asian country, has done very well and Hisham is being hailed as a national hero. Science, not politics.”

She compared Dr Noor Hisham’s experience with that of Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease specialist who is currently going through a tough time handling America’s fight against Covid-19.

Of course, Dr Noor being the modest man that he is, commented that the success of our nation was attributed to the collective efforts of everyone.

Dr Noor Hisham clearly deserves all the plaudits for a job well done. Let’s hope that the trend continues even after all this is over!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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