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Dr Siti Hasmah Thinks Child Marriage is “Disgusting”, Says Child Rapists Should Be Shot Dead



Source: The Star & Dhaka Tribune

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It looks like our Prime Minister’s wife has strong opinions about child marriage and child rapists!

According to Malaysiakini, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah has spoken up about her views on child marriage and child rapists, especially since these cases have been mushrooming in Malaysia. She also thinks it is important to emphasise moral values in religion to combat such issues from recurring.

Over the years, Malaysia has experienced several high-profile child marriage cases; however, it has been difficult for Putrajaya to take action as the matter falls under the state law.

That said, some states have taken the effort to gradually ban child marriage. In Selangor itself for instance, the minimum age for Muslims to get married has been raised to 18 years old, after the State Sultan (who is also the caretaker of Islamic affairs) prompted the move.

Source: BBC News

As for Dr Siti Hasmah, she thinks child marriages are terrible and has expressed frustration over religious leaders who tend to focus on only one aspect of religion. She was quoted as saying,

“It is terrible. It is disgusting. I sometimes give up hope on some of these ustaz and ustazah who teach our children only one aspect of the religion, but never the moral values of the religion.”

“You must have religion to guide you, but if the interpretation of the religion is wrong, you are finished,” she added, as reported by the Malaysian Reserve.

Source: India

Besides that, Dr Siti Hasmah is also strongly against child rape, and feels that offenders should be severely punished for their act. Referring to old men who rape underage girls, she said,

“The old man should be shot, actually. If it was in an Arab country, he would have been stoned to death. It is terrible.”

We couldn’t agree more with Dr Siti Hasmah! Tell us what you think of her statements in the comments below!


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