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Driver Helps Woman He Crashed Into Out of Windscreen, Gets Slammed Instead



Source: Facebook

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Do you still remember the ‘car accident scam’ that went viral in China a few years back? The scam typically involves someone throwing themselves onto the bonnet of a vehicle, then pretending to be hurt and claiming that they could’ve been knocked down. Pretty sure you’ve seen some of those videos online before.

Recently, a much similar case happened in Singapore. However, this time it was a real accident, not a scam.

A woman had the shock of her life when she found herself stuck onto the windscreen of a car as she crossed the road. The freak accident happened when a motorist crashed straight into the woman at Ubi Road 1 on March 4, Coconuts Singapore reported.

Source: Facebook

The impact of the collision was so great that the poor woman was glued across the vehicle windscreen for a few seconds before she stumbled off the road after the vehicle halted abruptly. One side of her shoe even flew off. Yes guys, she literally got stuck onto the windscreen like a flat lizard. No joke.

Stunned by the crash, the driver immediately got out of his car to check if the woman was alright. The woman appeared to have injured her left ankle, and had difficulties standing up. The driver aided her by lifting the limping woman up back to his car.

Source: Facebook

The woman then settled down at the backseat of the car before the driver calmly drove off, presumably to the hospital for treatment. He even stopped to collect her fallen shoe by the roadside to return it to her. How thoughtful!

The whole incident was captured by a dash camera of a Singaporean netizen, who then uploaded it on Facebook, which went viral instantly. Some Singaporean netizens slammed the driver, saying that he was careless and inattentive on the road.

Source: Facebook

Other Singaporean netizens took it as a laughing matter, joking that the driver had earned his luck by crashing into the woman. Is this fate?

Source: Facebook

While the rest just took a step back in their seats to enjoy the show in the comment section. *grabs popcorn*

Source: Facebook

Check out the video of the whole incident here:

At the end of the day, at least the driver was responsible enough to own up to his actions by helping the woman. Keep them positive vibes flowing, aite?


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