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Dua Lipa Edits ‘Babi’ Caption in Insta Post After Getting Mocked by M’sians



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Who here is hyped up for English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa to be back in Malaysia for her first solo show this May? Sorry folks, tickets are all sold out! 

Arguably one of the top rising stars of the moment, Dua still keeps her family close to heart despite her busy schedule. Recently, she posted a picture and a sweet message to her father on Instagram for his birthday on March 5, telling him how much she loves and misses him, Coconuts KL reported. How sweet.

Don’t they both look adorable in the #throwback photo? 

Now, this may seem like a harmless post, but hawk-eyed netizens realised that Dua had later edited a particular word in her caption. Take a look at these two pictures below and tell us what the difference is.

Nope, no cookie will be given for the correct answer.

Source: Coconuts KL


Source: Instagram

As you can see, Dua changed the word ‘babi’ to ‘dad’.

What some narrow-minded Malaysians did not know was that ‘babi’ or ‘baba’ is the Albanian term for ‘father’. Although Dua is British, Albanian blood runs through her veins as her parents immigrated from Kosovo to the UK in the ’90s. Keeping the tradition alive and staying true to your roots is good, ain’t it guys?

Some local netizens apparently did not understand this, and took it upon themselves to mock one of the world’s hottest musicians. Some amazing guts of steel they have there. These netizens began commenting on the post, telling her that ‘babi’ means ‘pig’ in Bahasa Melayu, and made fun of it, which caused Dua to eventually remove and replace the word with a more universally-understood term. 

Source: Twitter

Let me clap for you people. Great job guys, splendid work. *clap*

Thankfully, rational local fans of Dua came to her defence, and apologised to the songstress in the comments. They also denounced the rude messages posted, in efforts to save Malaysia from being blacklisted from any singer’s future activities.

Source: Instagram

Now guys, we live in a multiracial country, so respect is no doubt well-drilled in our minds since young, right? So let’s practise this in order to earn the respect of others too! 


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